Gear List

Adventure Gear List


Here is the gear list and essentials for your adventure. Print it off and slowly work your way through it. I always recommend seeking advise from the experts like Bivouac Outdoor store in New Zealand or Mountain Designs In Australia.


  1. Passport - Check validity requirements with your travel agent.
  2. Yellow fever certificate
  3. Medical Insurance - You will need to present your insurance certificate prior to climbing. Including emergency contact details, your travel insurance must cover emergency Helicopter evacuation.
  4. Entrance Visa.

Clothes for the mountain.

Temperature on Kilimanjaro can vary from a hot muggy 20oC day to minus -10oC on Summit night, you need to be prepared. Good quality gear will keep you warm and make it more enjoyable.

We use the layering system, when its cold you add more layers, when its warm you take some layers off.

  1. Water proof Jacket - This should be good quality, e.g.: Gortex or similar type. (see recommendations below)
  2. Water proof pants - These can be cheap over pants
  3. First layer - Top - Icebreaker 200 - Bottom - Icebreaker 200 (one pair is fine)
  4. Mid layer - Second layer, Icebreaker 350 top
  5. Thick fleece or Down jacket(preferred) - warm jacket to wear around camp and under you water proof jacket when cold.
  6. 2 x Merino T-shirts
  7. cotton T-shirts
  8. Cargo pants - Cheap ones with pockets on the side
  9. Soft Shell Pants eg: My personal favourite - OutDoor Research Voodoo pants
  10. Shorts
  11. Socks. - A selection of woollen socks …. warm thick socks for summit night.
  12. Underwear - Take a variety, at least one merino pair.
  13. Gloves, warm gloves are essential.
  14. Gaitors - These cover part of your boot and up your calfs to stop stones  getting into your boots.
  15. Thin liner gloves. - These can be worn under other gloves for extra                                              
  16. Balaclava - Essential for summit night.
  17. Light shoes / trainers for wearing around camp
  18. Hiking boots - Get these fitted by a professional, and wear them in… this will stop you getting blisters.
  19. Sun hat.- Wide brim is best.
  20. Good quality sunglasses.

Me in cargo pants and merino top


You'll need 3 bags.

  1. To pack all your gear that the porters will carry 12kg max. This can a 70 Litre back pack or buffalo bag.
  2. Bag to leave gear at the Hotel- You can leave all your non essential items at the Hotel. Safety deposit boxes at the hotel are available for rent for passports, computers and cash etc.
  3. Day Pack - up to 35-40 Litres only. You'll carry water, camera, sunscreen etc in this only.
  4. Walking poles - These are very important as you will use up to 30% less energy with poles, additionally they help prevent twisted ankles.
  5. Sleeping bag , Good quality, approx -5oC Rating.
  6. Water bottle x 2 - eg: Nalgene's
  7. Head Torch and spare batteries
  8. Pocket Knife or multi tool - Not essential but very handy.
  9. Sleeping mat - You will be provided with a sleeping mat, however I take a thermarest type mat as well…..
  10. Toilet paper and baby wipes (very handy)
  11. Towel and toiletries - You will be given a bowl of hot water for washing each day.

First Aid / Medical

Bring a first aid kit containing the following. Aspirin, Ibroufen, Sun Screen , lip balm, Plasters, second skin for blisters, bandage, tape, Throat Lozengers,  Diamox (talk to your Travel Doctor about this) , Anti Malaria medication (Again talk to your Doctor).

Personal Items

Be comfortable on this adventure - I bring, soap, towel, toothpaste, tooth brush, deodorant, Shaving kit, Toilet paper, baby wipes,

Journal / Pen - I use Mole Skin journals.

Money - I take a mixture of cash in USD and credit card. You will need Cash in USD for the Guides and Porters tip.

Be sure to tell your bank where you are travelling.


A lot of people use their phones, however you can not beat a SLR digital camera with one travel lens 18mm-200mm.

I also use the latest Insta360 OneX camera.

These are great for social media posts.

There are some awesome website dedicated to gear for Kilimanjaro, this is one of them….

Below is some of their recommendations on gear so you can get an idea.

Try not to over think things, the list I have given you is all you will need, and you can only take 12kgs with you up the mountain.

Cheap and Cheerful Hiking Boot: Hi-Tec Altitude IV

At its price range, the Hi-Tec Men's Altitude IV is probably the best hiking boot on the market.

You can be assured of great comfort and durability. The outer material is waterproof full-grain leather. Very light-weight boot.

Hi-Tec Altitude IV

The North Face Men's Aconcagua Hoodie Jacket

Recommended Warm Jackets

In terms of a good and affordable down jacket we recommend The North Face Aconcagua. It retails for a great price, is super-lightweight which makes it easy to travel with and really warm.

Other brands that make great winter alpine jackets include: Arc’Teryx (see the Atom), Rab (see the Microlight) and Mountain Hardwear.

Sleeping Bags

Look for a light weight lightweight 4-season unisex sleeping bag that is ideal for Mount Kilimanjaro. Rated to 0 Degree F (-17 Degree C), this 650 fill hydrophobic down sleeping bag will keep you warm and comfortable on Kilimanjaro.

There are many options, talk an outdoor store about your sleeping bag.

Rental Equipment available at Springlands Hotel

You will need to let me know if you require any rental gear and I will book it for you.

  • Rucksack/Daypack: $ 12
  • Balaclava: $ 7
  • Mont bell Sleeping Bag –25-35C.Temp $ 40
  • Ponchour – Heavy/Western/Europe $ 18
  • Ponchour – Light/Local: $12
  • Socks: $ 4
  • Duffel Bag: $ 6
  • Hiking Poles (2) $ 12
  • Gaiters: $ 8
  • Torch/Flashlight (We have Few) $ 8
  • Gloves: $ 6
  • Sweater $ 5
  • Sunglasses (We have Few in Store): $ 8
  • Long Underwear (We have Few) $ 5
  • Raincoat: $ 6
  • Raincoat - G.T, Waterproof $ 12
  • Rain Pants: $ 12
  • Hiking Boots: $   9
  • Water Bottle: $   5
  • Fleece Pants: $ 6
  • Warm Jacket G.T: $ 12
  • Warm Jacket/Down Jacket $ 8
  • Hat or Neck Scarf: $ 6

We provide Tents and Foam Sleeping pads at no charge.

  • Sunglasses are available for purchase in the gift shop for $ 12 - $15.
  • Each Oxygen Cylinder - available for $ 12/ Day / @ group of 4 pax.
  • Hyperbaric Pressure Bag (Gamow Bag): $130/group.
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